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What is Nat’s Design Studio? – Well in short, I design anything and everything you may need for your business. Branding, web design, business cards, flyers, banners, print, digital… you name it I can design it! Alongside my Paper Studio, my Design Studio allows me to work with exciting brands and agencies, across a variety of platforms and media.

About me – So what would you like to know? There’s lots I can tell you. I could mention my insatiable passion for design, and how I share my ideas with anyone willing to listen. I could show you my Paper Studio or talk about my strong belief that when you love what you do it’s reflected in your work. I could tell you that design is an innate talent, and something that is very much a part of me. You might want to know what makes me tick, what are my key skills as a designer, what am I like to work with or what am I like at 6pm on a Friday (let’s face it, a good party is a must a creative).

All of this is important, but instead of reading about it, why don’t we arrange a meet up? After all, the only good way to get a sense of someone is over a big G&T (that’s what I’ve been told anyway). So click on this snazzy button below to email me.


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“Professional, inventive and hard-working. Natalie is all of these attributes. Whether concepting, crafting, or ensuring what goes live is as polished as the vision, Natalie shows she cares about the quality of the work. Importantly she understands digital and the unique demands designing for this channel requires. Natalie is also a great laugh to work with.”

Aran Burtenshaw, Creative Director, Digitas LBi


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